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Yessenia Estefania Alvarado worked as a model in Mexico. She reported missing by her parents on Friday, 14th of August 2020. Yessenia Estefania and mother have been found in a mass grave after a gang of men snatched her away from family while shopping at a Mexican street market.


She was at the age of 24-years-old.


Missing, Kidnapped, Suspect

She had been shopping with her mother and cousin in Ciudad Obregon when the group of men stopped the women and forced the model into a van on 19 August. It was one of a number of kidnappings that led to several street marches in Sonora demanding justice.


Her brother, Juan Carlos Alvarado Rivera, said on Tuesday he was going to miss his sister and that the family would take care of the young son she left behind.

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“We’re going to take care of your son, just like you were doing,” he said in a Facebook post. “With so much love. He’s going to miss you so much, but we will always remind him of what a wonderful mother you were.

The Sonora prosecutor’s office said investigators from the state unit to combat kidnapping found the bones of six bodies in the mass grave in the southern part of Cajeme; three females, two males, and one whose gender wasn’t determined.

Cause of Death

Yessenia Estefania Alvarado reported missing by her parents on Friday, 14th of August 2020. Reports say that she was kidnapped while shopping in the city of Ciudad Obregon in north-western Mexico, Mirror stated. The grave where the police found Yessenia’s body contained at least six other bodies. Mirror said in a release that the others are yet to be identified.


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