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Steven Farmer was a former chairman of the Craighead County Republican Committee. He died battle with the coronavirus that resulted in a stay at the ICU and a ventilator. He also served as the superintendent of the Jonesboro Human Development Center, did not attend the Sept. 14 event.


Farmer is survived by his wife, Judy Davis-Farmer, and their three daughters and several grandchildren.


his daughter Audrey Haynie posts a public message to social media Farmer’s “soul is singing today even though ours aren’t….I’m sorry we couldn’t save you but I know that you’re even more perfect now than when you were here.”

Haynie chronicled her father’s death during a weeks-long battle in the hospital. On Sept. 18, she said that he had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit and placed on a ventilator.

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The following day she reported he was “showing improvement for the first time since he has been admitted.” She added that doctors had decreased his ventilator settings and he maintained “good oxygen levels.”

Cause of Death

Audrey Haynie, Farmer’s daughter, made the announcement on Facebook, which was first reported by KAIT-TV. Haynie had been chronicling Farmer’s battle with the disease since her father was admitted to the ICU and placed on a ventilator as far back as September 18.

In later posts, Haynie said Farmer, who also serves as the superintendent of the Jonesboro Human Development Center, had been showing some signs of recovery. But, on September 25, she reported that a doctor told her that Farmer’s condition made a turn for the worst.

On Monday (October 5), Haynie posted “Breathe easy, dad. Just breathe.” following news that an EEG showed that Farmer had minimal brain activity.

Haynie’s final post about her father’s condition was made on Tuesday (October 6) at 7:29 A.M.

“Dad’s soul is singing today even though ours aren’t,” Haynie posted. “But, grief is the price you pay for being blessed enough to experience the kind of love that dad gave and lived through his actions every day.”

She ended her post thanking her father for the legacy he’s left behind, saying “we’ll be seeing you.”

The Craighead County Republican Committee posted their response to Farmer’s passing on Facebook at 9:11 A.M. They called Famer a “great caring friend to all and a dedicated leader.” They said they will show their support to the Farmer family during their time of need.

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