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Teah Vincent is a mother, who lured two teenage boys half her age to her home and had sex with one of them despite the victim telling her he was still at school, a court heard.

Vincent enticed the two 14-year-olds back to her home in Woolaston, Gloucestershire, by offering them a glass of water after she saw them playing football.


She is 32 years old.

Teah Vincent Sex Scandal

She took one of the boys up to her bedroom and then initiated sex with him, a jury at Gloucester Crown Court was told yesterday.

Mother-of-three Vincent, who has three children of primary school age, admits having sex with the boy on October 21, 2018, but maintains she believed he was over 16 at the time.

Case Trial

Prosecutor Christopher Smyth told the jury that Vincent offered the boys a glass of water back at her home around 5 pm after they spent the afternoon playing football at Woolaston Memorial Hall near her home.

He said: ‘The boys took up Ms. Vincent’s offer and went back to her home. One of the boys knew Vincent but the alleged victim didn’t.

‘They sat down at the kitchen table. Ms. Vincent said she thought she knew one of them and said to him that she understood he had a child on the way.

‘He told her he was only 14 and was still at school.’

The three of them talked about school life for some time, the court heard, before the subject was changed to Vincent talking about her body and then sex.

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Mr. Smyth added: ‘She said that she covered up quickly and put on clothes as quickly as she could.

She then moved the conversation to talk about sex. The slightly older boy felt that Ms. Vincent was coming onto the younger one but he felt the situation was lost on him.

‘She then invited the younger boy upstairs. He went up thinking there would be a television or some other gaming device while his friend remained downstairs in the kitchen.

‘Ms. Vincent then took the boy into her bedroom and told him to sit down on the bed. She left the room and reappeared a few moments later having removed her clothes.

‘She pulled him back onto the bed so he was lying down.’

Victim Statement

The court heard Vincent then mounted the teenager and initiated sex without talking to him about it first.

The victim described Vincent ‘bouncing up and down on him’ for around five minutes.

The prosecutor said: ‘He says there was no discussion at all. The boy had a strong feeling that the situation was not right.

‘He knew he was underage and that there was a big age gap between them – she was more than twice his age.

‘In the end, he pushed her off, got dressed, and fled downstairs.

The victim’s friend said that he’d heard sexual sounds coming down the stairs. He felt awkward and he left the house for a short while before returning. He said that he felt his friend had been an idiot.’

The boys then told a friend of theirs who advised that the victim report the incident to his family.

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