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According to Roy Ball wiki, Bio and Biograph, He is identified as the white man holding a black woman to get Pepper-Sprayed. Roy Ball, a rep of Toyota West Covina, has been identified as the white supremacist seen in viral pictures holding a black woman as she gets pepper-sprayed. In a phone call, Toyota of Southern California confirmed that he had been fired with immediate effect. His profile has also been removed from their website.

On Jan 6th, 2021, the day which saw Trumpsters invade Capitol Building, a random black woman was attacked by far-right chuds in LA. Fortunately, she was helped by some radical veterans traveling to the capitol for the inauguration on Jan 20th but not before she was pepper-sprayed and her wig removed. The veterans say they are traveling to DC to protect their neighborhoods.


He is 29-years-old as of 2021.

Viral Photo

On January 6, both houses of Congress met at the Capitol this morning to approve of Joe Biden’s election as the next president of the United States. But President Donald Trump, who refused to recognize his defeat, staged an outside demonstration to protest the results.

Speaking to thousands of protesters outside the Capitol, Trump warned that if Vice President Michael Pence accepts the results of the election – as the law and the Constitution require to do – America will “be stuck with a losing president” Biden. “and we have to live with this for four more years. “Trump promised,” we will not allow this to happen.”

Protesters raided the capital building and forced Capitol Hill police to pass. As angry rebels began to wander the corridors, police escorted Vice President Pence, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and other Congress members outside the Capitol.

With the capital building still occupied by a violent crowd, it is unclear how much the rebels had access to sensitive information. Luckily, staff members who had access to confidential data could log out before evacuating their offices. But with the thousands of people working at Capitol Hill, some serious data breaches are likely to occur.

According to a screenshot posted by a conservative reporter, Congress members left their offices so quickly that after escaping a pro-Trump gang, at least one staff member left their computers on and entered their official email. Elijah Schaffer, a conservative reporter in the Glenn Beck publication The Blaze, wrote that he was “in Nancy Pelosi’s office” with what he called “revolutionaries” who “rushed into the building.”

Protesters stormed the building, many people getting out of their way to steal things or rest. One woman was shot dead. It was reported that there were two explosive devices at the Republican National Committee and a suspicious package that was said to have led to the evacuation of the Democratic National Committee.

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