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Marrissa Cloutier, known as Pokeprincxss, is a popular Twitch streamer and TikTok star. She has revealed that she’s been sued by Nintendo and has now had to rebrand herself. Marrissa is an American resident. She was brought up in America by her folks in a sustaining and cherishing condition. She is a hitched lady. Be that as it may, she has kept her own life out of the open eye up until now.

She is famous for her live stream gaming recordings on the gaming stage named ‘Jerk’. Additionally, she has a gigantic assortment of pokemon toys. She is very famous via web-based networking media destinations like; Instagram and Twitter, where she has over 78.1K fan-following on the web.

Cloutier remains at significant tallness. Be that as it may, the subtleties on her stature and weight are as yet absent. Developing as a media influencer, she has amassed an OK aggregate of cash. In any case, the subtleties on her total assets are yet to be made open.

She was enrolled in a local elementary school for her primary education and later joined High school and finally graduated from College (name not available).


Name Marissa Cloutier
Known As Pokeprincxss
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Tik Tok Star
Married/Single Single
Instagram @pokeprincxss
Tiktok @pokeprincxss
Twitter @pokeprincxss


She is 24 years old as of 2020.


Since childhood, Marrissa was interested in the cartoon but she mostly uses to watch the Pokemon series and attached with every character in such a way that she got addicted.

Later, she became interested in video games which are also related to the game series and often use to play various games. Slowly, the internet star made her account of Twitch and became famous for her skills.

Apart from playing frequently she also comes online on Twitch and chats with her fans. This is the main reason for her popularity.

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After getting success on the gaming platform she started making Tiktok videos about gaming which were hugely liked by her viewers and in a very short time she gained a lot of followers. The exact Net Worth of Pokeprincxss is not known but it is estimated to be around $200k – $300k US Dollar as of 2020.

Adult Entertainment Industry

She said she believes that she gained Nintendo’s attention because of her work in the adult entertainment industry and after she filed the trademark for her name. However, she said she doesn’t hold any resentment toward Nintendo, a company she’s loved since childhood. She said the whole situation is upsetting, but added, “I’ll give my soul to Nintendo. After watching this video, go buy a Switch or something.”

Last year, the Colorado native spoke to Arapahoe Pinnacle about her career online, saying she started creating content under the name Pokeprincxss at the age of 18, mostly focused around her Pokemon collection and sharing her experiences with eating disorders. She told the outlet:

I post all my personal life on social media to connect with my followers, it’s why I have such a big following, people see how honest I am with myself. My fans are basically all my best friends, my followers have been with me for the past 5 years, they saw me start at 18 and grow into the person I am now, they know more about me than anyone, including my family, they know every detail, every flaw, every good thing, and I love them all so much!

Youtube Video

She recently uploaded a YouTube video in which she shared that she’s had to rebrand as well as hand over all the profits she’s made selling merchandise with Nintendo’s intellectual property.

Cloutier revealed that she will now be known as a digital princess instead of pokeprincxss online, including to her nearly 2 million TikTok followers. As a huge Pokemon fan, Cloutier was inspired by the Nintendo franchise when creating her name and eventually trademarked the name pokeprincxss on LegalZoom, according to GameRant. She has multiple Pokemon tattoos and a lot of the imagery on her merchandise was directly inspired by the franchise.

In the video, Cloutier explained that she wasn’t aware that she was infringing on Nintendo’s IP: “I was young and dumb and I was just going full force with it because I didn’t know what I was doing was wrong.” She added that she’d been told she was allowed to do “spoof designs and fan art” but acknowledged she should have done more research.

She said that this situation began two months ago when LegalZoom notified her that she’d been issued a cease and desist letter from Nintendo. She said in addition to turning over profits made from selling her Pokemon-related merchandise, she was asked to stop using the name pokeprincxss to avoid people thinking she was affiliated with their company. Cloutier explained that because she’s also considered an adult entertainer, she understands that Nintendo, as a family-friendly company, did not want to be associated with her.

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