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According to Joe DiMeo Wiki, Bio and Biography, He is a nightshift worker from New Jersey, got a second chance at life after he got a face and a double hand transplant.

He suffered severe facial scarring and amputation of his finger-tips after suffering 80 per cent burns in 2018. DiMeo had fallen asleep at the wheel while returning home after a night shift. His car crashed, causing it to flip over and explode.

DiMeo, who had diminished vision and mobility, was in an induced coma for two and a half months. Severe scarring on the face had resulted in the loss of his lips and eyelids.


Joe DiMeo is 22 years old as of 2021.

How Joe DiMeo Burn

In July 2018, Dimeo was 20-years of age at that point, nodded off at the worst possible time of his vehicle on Route 22 in New Jersey. He let completely go, and the vehicle hit the check, flipping over prior to blasting into blazes.

A bystander hauled him out of the vehicle before it detonated, yet Dimeo actually endured severely charred areas more than almost 80% of his body. The harm was extreme to the point that however, Dimeo endures, he was left without eyelids, ears and a lot of his fingers. He likewise had extreme scarring all over and neck that restricted his scope of movement. The scars even mostly covered his eyes.

His freedom had been taken from him in a moment.

Luckily, DiMeo’s life was barely saved as a bystander figured out how to haul him out of the bursting vehicle minutes before it detonated. Nonetheless, DiMeo actually endured severe singeing on 80% of his body. As he gradually recuperated, it was seen that the mishap had left his face without eyelids and ears and his face was very scared. Indeed, he likewise lost the majority of his fingers. The mishap likewise removed his capacity to move his neck and restricted his developments generally speaking.

DiMeo had picked to go through the dangerous and basic face and hand double transfer a medical procedure, however, it might have taken his life in the event that anything had turned out badly. Despite the fact that hand transfers and face transfers have been performed independently a few times, together these two transfers have been endeavoured just twice on the planet, the multiple times fruitlessly.

Yet, the master specialists at NYU, at last, made progress in executing the interaction faultlessly and gifting DiMeo another possibility at life.

Hand transplant

In a 23-hour medical procedure by a group of 96 wellbeing faculty, DiMeo got another opportunity at driving an ordinary, autonomous life. The group drove by specialist Eduardo Rodriguez, head of the Face Transplant Program at NYU Langone told AFP, “We all collectively concur that Joe is the ideal patient.

He’s the most profoundly energetic patient that I’ve ever met.” It was the fourth face relocate completed by Rodriguez. The medical procedure that occurred in August 2020, was completed utilizing a spearheading system that utilized 3D printed cutting-guides. A half-year after the system, the specialists are prepared to proclaim DiMeo’s strategy a triumph.

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