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Jayna McCarron is Coast Guard and a military helper to President Donald Trump who has positive for COVID-19. McCarron is one of a few White House staff members to test positive after Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and a few top Republican lawmakers and others in Trump’s circle gotten the COVID. She fills in as a helper to Trump with four other deployment-ready military individuals, one from every one of different parts of the furnished administrations.


Jayna McCarron is 35 years old.

Earlier Life and Education

Jayna McCarron is a local of Lunenburg, Massachusetts. She moved on from the. Coast Guard Academy in 2007 as a structural architect, as indicated by her life story on the Coast Guard Bears site from when she was an associate mentor for the school’s Olympic style sports groups.

As per the bio, McCarron went through four years on Coast Guard cutters, two years on an extraordinary task, and two years in graduate school before getting back to the Coast Guard Academy to be the Alfa Company official. The bio says, “. Alfa Company’s central goal at the Academy is ‘wellbeing and health.'”

McCarron’s profile says she “has a canine, Max who additionally has four years of ocean time. She has consistently adored running and wants to be a long-lasting competitor!” McCarron was an individual from the Olympic style events group when she was an understudy at the foundation.

McCarron was met by CNN’s understudy news in 2007 at her initiation. She said she was attracted to the Coast Guard in light of its helpful missions.

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She served on Coast Guard cutters in Mississippi and California before getting back to the Coast Guard Academy, as indicated by her profile on the institute’s site. She likewise served in Washington her uncommon task and afterward was in New York for graduate school.

In January 2019, McCarron was important for a Coast Guard group in Michigan that helped spare a canine that disappeared close to Lime Island, as per 9&10 News. She was onboard the Coast Guard Mackinaw at the time as the shaper’s top dog.

McCarron and her group had the option to rejoin the canine with its proprietors, a Canadian family, the news station detailed.

Positive For COVID-19

According to Bloomberg News reports McCarron test positive after Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and several top Republican politicians and others in Trump’s circle contracted the coronavirus. McCarron serves as an aide to Trump with four other active-duty military members, one from each of the other branches of the armed services.

It is not known if McCarron has shown symptoms of COVID-19. Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Jacobs tweeted on Tuesday, October 6, “One of the president’s military aides, Coast Guard aide Jayna McCarron, has coronavirus, sources tell me. And so does one of the president’s valets, who is also active duty military, and traveled with the president last week.” Jacobs added, “Military aides handle phone calls for president, and do advance for trips. They’re a link between him and White House Military Office, which runs IT, food, transportation, valet services, medical unit, Navy Mess.”

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